Concept Creation

Studio Roos develops concepts. Builds complete identities and environments for organisations and buildings with a commercial, retail or hospitality focus. From restaurant to art gallery and from private home to hotel room. The possibilities are endless. 

Interior Design

Studio Roos designs interior. Roos will transform your, or our collaboratively build, idea or concept into a cutting edge, renewing, and ‘fitted to your needs’ proposal. All focused on an end result that will make an impact.


Studio Roos provides styling. Every project needs a finishing touch which Roos can deliver. A wide range of unique products and accessoires will be combined to create an unique atmosphere.  


Studio Roos is an interior design studio based in Amsterdam

For stockbrokers and creatives. For startups and corporates. For dandy and gipsy.

Push boundaries for each individual client. No matter what.

From hotel rooms to art galleries. From bars to offices. From residences to abandoned barns.

Regardless the space, the end result will be unique. Just like you.

An interior with its own character.

Always on the look out to find the best solution for your needs.

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